I’ve recently had a spiritual growth happen recently, and for ones who don’t know me, I’ve recently become a Christian and given my life to the Lord. And for me, I’ve had alot of bad stuff happen in my life, I one day was so frustrated, I didn’t think I could handle anymore, so with no other options, I prayed, I forgave and gave it all to God and seeing this post somewhere, hit me right between the eyes. To better explain, I was involved in an auto accident six years ago that caused enough pain and agony enough not to work, dr’s took me off work (that was four yrs ago), I’ve fought hard for almost that full four yrs thinking I had to go back to school and work, when God’s been trying to get me too realize I am working, raising my four children, homeschooling the youngest two and being a helpmeet/administrator to my husband. Since then, I am much more content with where I’m at and my situation, I couldn’t be happier.


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