What a stay-at-home mom really does


Good morning everyone. I’m hoping you all are having a wonderful day so far. I just happened to read a “hit you between the eyes”article that I’m sharing here, in my little corner of the world. For us sahm’s that quite often feel as if we’re not doing anything or we’re feeling a little inadequate. I know that’s me quite a bit, quite often it’s something to do with how my m.I.l views me that bothers me. Enough of my rant, have a blessed day guys and gals.


Messy frustration


I’ve been frustrated and beaten up from Satan on many different levels regarding many different things. For instance,I know God has me at home with my children, homeschooling the youngest two for a reason. I know God has my family living with my mother in law for a reason. I haven’t figured out why, nor do i like it all the time, but even in the middle of my frustrations,I have to remember exactly how blessed I really am and that these frustrations are also for a reason.

Single moms

Well, I’m back, again. I’ve had this laying on my heart for awhile and for some reason, have chosen to ignore it-too long. I’m no longer officially a “single” mom. However, I’m a wife to a truck driver so in essence that means I’m now a “married” single mom. How many of you ladies or gents out there are “single” mom/dads? Whether you’re actually single or married, widowed and regardless doing the job of both parents. I have been in the shoes of being an actual single mom……it wasn’t easy, but I survived and am still here to talk about it. It sometimes sucks. I say that, because today, well, the past couple weeks my hubby has been on a dedicated run through his company, but that means in the few hours he is home, he eats, naps, showers and leaves. It’s almost like I don’t have a hubby. I know I do, but sometimes I get so irritated w/his schedule. And after my few minutes of ranting and complaining, which by the way, did any of you know, that when you complain, you’re flipping God off? I didn’t even think of it that way until a couple weeks ago when my pastor at church was talking about it. Again, after my little rant, I have to stop and apologize to God and thank him greatly for having my husband, for my hubby having a job and a paycheck, no matter the size, thank him for having a place to live, even if it is in my MIL’s basement, and thank him for my family and the ability to be a sahmw and enjoy seeing and hearing everything that goes on in my hubby’s and children’s lives outside the house. I look forward to hearing about everyone else and their single parenting. Have a great night..