Single moms

Well, I’m back, again. I’ve had this laying on my heart for awhile and for some reason, have chosen to ignore it-too long. I’m no longer officially a “single” mom. However, I’m a wife to a truck driver so in essence that means I’m now a “married” single mom. How many of you ladies or gents out there are “single” mom/dads? Whether you’re actually single or married, widowed and regardless doing the job of both parents. I have been in the shoes of being an actual single mom……it wasn’t easy, but I survived and am still here to talk about it. It sometimes sucks. I say that, because today, well, the past couple weeks my hubby has been on a dedicated run through his company, but that means in the few hours he is home, he eats, naps, showers and leaves. It’s almost like I don’t have a hubby. I know I do, but sometimes I get so irritated w/his schedule. And after my few minutes of ranting and complaining, which by the way, did any of you know, that when you complain, you’re flipping God off? I didn’t even think of it that way until a couple weeks ago when my pastor at church was talking about it. Again, after my little rant, I have to stop and apologize to God and thank him greatly for having my husband, for my hubby having a job and a paycheck, no matter the size, thank him for having a place to live, even if it is in my MIL’s basement, and thank him for my family and the ability to be a sahmw and enjoy seeing and hearing everything that goes on in my hubby’s and children’s lives outside the house. I look forward to hearing about everyone else and their single parenting. Have a great night..


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