Another thing that helps me get through stressful, frustrating times.


A word for today

Another week has passed and I’ve realized,I really need to post more often. Neither here nor there, I’m here today. The hubby and I over the past couple of days have had our frustrating spats over finances, housing, and my incessant need to go back to work to help out, while he stresses about,”what has God told you to do?” As very faithful Christians, he’s pretty adamant about listening to God and being obedient to God. Now I’m not trying to deter anybody from coming here by sounding preachy, because honestly folks, I’m really really not preachy. If it sounds like I am, please forgive me. I guess I needed to vent/rant a minute, sadly, that’s what stay at home mom/wives do sometimes when they feel at their breaking point, being home all the time due to limited abilities, limited income and God’s call for you too be right where you’re at, at exactly the moment you’re getting the most frustrated. For any of you stay at home moms who feel like you aren’t doing anything to contribute to your household, you are and I’d like for anyone in this same situation to please come chat, vent, and hopefully feel like you’re in good company. Philippians 4:13I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength, this is one of my favorite verses that I quite regularly have to repeat out loud to myself when I get frustrated. For all the stay at home moms, truckers wives, and anyone else who needs a pick me up, have a blessed week and safe travels for all our drivers.