Overfull plate

Well, I’ve definitely had an overfull plate this week. My husband and I were given his granny’s home when she passed back in September, we opted to sell it instead and set the money aside for bills and a down payment on a home of our own, now that the trailer has sold, quite quickly might I add, some of our bills can get paid, however, we’ll have a bigger dilemma, moving ourselves out of my m.i.l’s. I told my hubby tonite, that it was time to go anyhow, we’ve been here for a year and a half and so as not to have bad blood between the three of us, it’s time for us to go. It doesn’t per say matter where, but time to go. Then tonite, hubby gets bad news about his best bud’s brother, he committed suicide last night. He let Satan get inside his mind and thoughts, helped him alert authorities, and helped him shoot himself. Prayers be with his family this week and for Christmas and New Years.

I pray everyone has a great night. Hug and kiss your loved ones. Pay attention to them, you never know when they’re fighting a battle you know nothing about.


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