Momma drama

I am so thankful for my teenagers, however, I’m also so thankful for Monday-Friday until 3pm. I’m getting to that point in my life that I don’t do drama, and my sitbo daughter, does drama very well, that’s teenagerhood for ya I guess. The drama started when she attempted to do school work, midst of her classes are online, so she still has to keep her progress up, like she would her grades if she were doing actual classes, and her instructor inadvertently bumped up her progress level for spring break to be done, instead of the end of may. Wow, did she ever hit the roof, and then expected momma to flip her lid also. Nope, momma did no such thing….. I calmly told her to chill out, that I’d handle it in the morning. Well, I’ve got it covered tonight thankfully. Drama-done!

Is anybody else dealing with teenage drama, or elementary drama these days? Come, vent, leave tips, suggestions, advice, I’m sure somebody could use them tonight. Now that I’ve got the teenage drama dealt with, on to hubby’s issues. He’s a truck driver, and he got a ticket for trailing behind a vehicle to close, for about a minute. Needless to say, he wants me to keep it hush hush around mom, (we’re currently living with his mom right now) and he hasn’t told work yet. Lord please tell me there are other trucker wives out there dealing with stuff like this?

I look forward to hearing from you trucker wives, mom’s, and anybody else who’s interested in chatting. Have a great night everybody.


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