What will today bring?

Well, back to work and school for the hubs and kids. The kids had a snow day yesterday so we had them doing school like work online, and other odds and ends. We didn’t go anywhere till after nine p.m. due to our wonderful city and their snow plowing, or rather lateness of snow plowing. Hubby is a truck driver, and for anybody who knows the trucking industry, well you can imagine. He was told to be in yesterday around nine, then at 8:30a.m., he messages his dispatcher, to be told none other than, “don’t worry about coming in till tonight, there’s nothing for you to do.” Wooo hooo.  So he snow blowed the entire driveway, part of the church drive way, played video games, and just hung out with us.

Kids in bed, his lunch made, coffee done, ready to go drop him off at work, then he calls me at almost 11p.m. “don’t get to comfy, 8’m trying to figure out what they’re doing with me.” To late, i was already comfy and reading, but I stayed awake till he called me back, saying, “go ahead and go to bed, I’ll talk to you at 5a.m.” OK, 4:50a.m., I’m almost ready to call him, a little voice says check your messages, so I check my messages to find his, saying call me at six instead, lol lol. Cool, an extra hour, nope, just forty five mins, I had to go to the bathroom. So, the day has started and flown, now off to the grocery store, get a phone fixed and then to nap.

Lord give me strength to get my things done today and still get a nap in before the nightly rush starts and bless those who need the little extra today, amen.

Have a great day everybody.


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