Good afternoon, I’ve decided to do this post on anxiousness because I personally suffer with anxiousness quite a bit. How or why you may ask, well let me just start by saying, I’ve been taking my house hunting quite a bit seriously lately. We’ve been staying with my mother in law for just going on two years now and we are seriously looking to be out by the end of June.

I don’t deal well with change. And lately has been alot of change for me, however, God has been with me through it all, thankfully. Between moving in with my m.I.l almost two years ago, them my hubby going to work for awhile in North Dakota, then last September, his granny dying, and now, six months later, our dog dying, it’s been a toll. It’s been hard not to be anxious, but I have been praying and asking God where he wants us, what house does he have set up just for us?

I’ll be praying for everyone today and praying everyone had a wonderful rest of your day.


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