Thoughts Join me in reading Battlefield of the Mind Devotional:
I have been trying to get myself to diligently start and continue reading my bible every day by reminding myself to read the devotionals and the verses that go with them and then journal about my thoughts and feelings attached to them.

This one today, wow, just was like a Gibbs slap to the head, for anyone not familiar with the Gibbs slap, I suggest watching a few episodes of ncis with Mark Harmon, and you’ll clearly understand.

Anyhow, I’ve had issues with the way I think and what feelings I feel and my mood and attitude throughout the day and on certain days, it tends to be much worse. It stems from the things ingrained in my mind as a child that I can’t seem to let go of. I’m working in it though.

I’m challenging myself, starting today, June 1, to start thinking more of what I think about before any actions take place and then journal about it and each day see how things go better or wise or even stay the same. I’m willing to bet, they’ll start going better, at least that’s my goal. Blessings to your day everyone.


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