How I’ve been doing lately

I haven’t been on here in awhile, and for anyone who’s been following my blog, I have been dealing with some really debilitating neck and back issues. Since my last post, I’ve gone from overdoing it and needing to depend on pain pills and muscle relaxers and rest when I can catch it, to recovering from surgery. Cervical spondylosis with myelopathy, that was what the initial diagnosis going into surgery was. What exactly is cervical spondylosis with myelopathy? It basically is impaired function of the spinal cord, caused by degenerative changes of the discs and facet joints in the neck. That is what I dealt with for over seven years, then I finally found a surgeon who could help remedy that problem, or so I thought. Almost two weeks ago Thursday, I went in at 5:30a.m., for prep for a 7:15a.m. surgery. The surgery took a few hours, which was expected. I don’t remember going into recovery, and I vaguely remember actually going to my room. My husband met me in there, of course I was sore, I had just had neck surgery. I ate and drank very little, even when I went home on Friday afternoon.

I went through the weekend, trying to recover, trying to eat and drink to keep myself going, and by Monday, my throat still really hurt, and it hurt to swallow anything, including my own spit, and of course I felt my throat was swollen. So I called the surgeon’s office that day to schedule, and they got me in on Wednesday. Wednesday started like every other day so far, got up, took a pain pill, had a cup of coffee, chatted with my hubby, then proceeded getting myself together to go to the dr’s office.

My daughter took off work early to bring me, we went, I grabbed my pillow for comfort, and a book. I didn’t think about bringing my pain pills and muscle relaxers, or my brace, also for comfort, to prepare to sit in the doctor’s office from 1:30p.m., till almost 5p.m., when they sent me to the er to be admitted for a test they couldn’t get my insurance to cover. So off to the er we went, thankfully by wheelchair for me, it only took the er fifteen minutes to get a room assignment and send me on my merry way.

I’ll share more tomorrow, gonna try and recover and relax some more with a pain pill and muscle relaxer, comfy pillows and my bed. Goodnight.


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