It’s Saturday

Good morning everybody. This is what the view is in my neck of the woods, good ole west Michigan today. I don’t know about anybody else, but this chick won’t be going out today unless I absolutely have to. I don’t know what everybody else has going on today, but, like i stated last week, my hubby was on vacation this week, going back to work tomorrow and I will be doing more reading and writing this week.

Today in downtown Grand Rapids, there is the Santa parade, which you can catch on wood TV, or, out their mobile app. Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can go out and watch it. Me, I’m going to attempt to finish up a few things for some hopefully, potential work from home positions, get some stuff done around the house and later, play store with the hubby. 

Have a great day folks and stay safe for the ones braving the areas effected by snowfall.


Why worry?

Good afternoon everybody, it is officially halfway through the week, and I’m pretty much ready for Saturday to be here. Hubby has been on vacation since Sunday and I’m beyond enjoying having him home, even though we’ve both been doing exactly what my post today is titled, worry. 

Haven’t exactly figured out how to turn it so it’s easier to read, sorry folks. Anyhow, if you can read this, this was my devotion this morning, worry is no good!!  I tell ya, when I read that this morning, I immediately felt like my head was a great big dartboard. I don’t know if anybody else feels that way, but I sure do. 

So, today, I’m trying to be obedient to God and just let him do what only God does and that’s take everything and work it out for his plan and purpose.

I hope everybody has a great rest of their day today, I’m gonna pick kids up, head home, get ready for church and worship God some more. Later folks.

Work from home

Good evening folks. Hoping all has had a wonderful day no matter where they are at in life. I am looking for anybody has work from/at home, legitimate positions, that are somewhat flexible, and pay decently. I’ve been a stay at home mom for over seven years, not exactly sure where God is wanting me to go, but I’m looking for an extra income to help my household.

I look forward to any suggestions y’all can throw my way, remember, LEGITIMATE, legal, and definitely at home positions. Have a great night folks, hubby’s home this week, so I’ll be hangin with the hubby….😁😁😁😁

Living in the presence of God

Good morning everyone, this is a wonderful day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. I’m feeling a little better than yesterday, as long as I keep God in my heart and my mind, Satan has no place to go. 

My Sunday message today is on the manifest prescence of God. When sin happens, we hide and let Satan take control, with knowing that God’s manifest prescence is in us, we can come out of hiding and kick Satan back into hell.

I pray that everyone has a wonderfully, blessed day.


OK,i know, I know, I’m not very consistent on this, but hoping, over time, I can be. However, inconsistent or not, life’s frustrations have taken the best of me, and unfortunately, I’m letting the devil have his way. Why do I say that you ask? OK, here goes…… Over eight years ago, I was in an auto accident which caused neck and back issues that make it debilitating to do a whole lot without being in excruciating pain and suffering afterwards. I’ve been a stay at home mom since, and as much as I’m really trying to just leave these frustrations and issues in God’s hands and just keep my position as a sahm/sahw, where he wants me, and let him work his magic in our lives, I’m seeing the need for a second income, before we sink in the deep depths of debt and losing everything. What I’d prefer to have is a flexible, work from home position doing either writing, reading or transcription.

I’m asking for prayer, guidance and wisdom for our situation. On top of everything else, I’m feeling pretty beat up as a mother. I’m a proud momma to four beautiful, healthy kids, two of which are new adults, 19 &18, and moved out on their own, two of them, are 12 1/2 &11, my son, the 12 1/2yr old, only boy, doing everything to make me think I’ve completely bombed my parenting job, along with the elder two, who only want something to do with me, when it’s convenient for them. Please, please tell me that this phase will soon pass and things will get better?!

OK, enough of my rant, have a great rest of your day/weekend folks.