A trucker’s wife’s life

It’s 10:30p.m. On a Wednesday night. We had church tonight, however, I didn’t want to brave the extreme cold, blowing snow and 14°weather and somewhat slippery roads. I don’t do well driving in the snow, my last accident, almost nine years ago, was the last snowfall of March 2008. It was my son’s 4th birthday, and I wasn’t driving, however, I suffered some extensive neck and back injuries, that nobody can find or figure out. Because of those, I depend on pain pills and muscle relaxers, and my health has, in different ways, gone downhill.

I now deal with major gut issues, feminine and bladder issues, on top of my neck and back issues. I guess, if I were to look at it this way, that these neck and back issues have opened the doors for my other issues to be seen and slowly dealt with, that this is God’s plan for my life, and to not complain about them, I’d probably be better off. Because of all these issues though, God has blessed me with being a stay at home mom and wife, to be here with/for my kids and my husband, that I’m not meant to be a working mom. It sucks financially, because my hard working trucker hubby is our only income, but, he’s otherwise happy and content with me being at home rather than working. I’m available for him and his needed wake up calls, business dealings, the kids and everything that requires attention of one parent or another. I’ve been fighting God on this for quite awhile, in turn, I’ve probably been the disobedient child who doesn’t reap God’s rewards and blessings because I’ve been disobedient.

So, I’m trying to start being more obedient to God and relying fully on him for everything, including my finances. In the meantime however, I am going to start utilizing my loves, which, outside of my family, is reading and writing. I love to write and I want to start writing for profit. If anybody is willing to take a chance on a newbie writer for resumes, blog posts, articles, websites, I’d be willing to gain experience and do it for free for awhile. I’ve seen alot of sites and blogs that haven’t been kept up in awhile and I’d be willing to help bring them back to life.

OK, enough about me, for everybody who’s still gotta be on the roads here in Michigan, prayers and blessings to safe travels and have a great night folks.



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