About me, part one

Good evening, I have returned. I haven’t gone far, but just haven’t posted in awhile. For a long time, I’ve contemplated what to do with this blog, I love to write, my passion is reading and writing, and of course helping people. So, I’ve decided, after in depth conversations with God, that I use what I have, and write what I know. 

For anybody who hasn’t read my blog before or read any of my posts, I’m a happily married wife of a truck driver, I’m a homemaker, momma to four beautiful children, home administrator and personal assistant. I have had a rough upbringing, and a rough young adulthood, my adulthood hasn’t been as rough, although it’s been how I’ve reacted to it and who I’ve had by my side to help me get through it. In the past three years or so, I’ve been having some pretty extensive gut and digestive issues, that, I’m still working on getting figured out and hopefully controlled. My issues started out with symptoms that mimicked gall bladder issues. That led to me calling my Dr., who did some testing, sent me off to a gastroenterologist, who, alongside a colleague, did some tests, to find out, I’ve got a fatty liver and chronic pancreatitis, IBS(irritable bowel syndrome),GERD,(Gastro esophageal reflux disease), but absolutely nothing wrong with my gall bladder. By that time, I was having my consult with a surgeon, who said, I had a 50/50 shot of having surgery and it helping or not. 

Back to the drawing board we went. I dealt with alot more pain, less and less in my diet on which I can eat and tolerate, a 50/50 shot of whether I’m gonna have to be close to a bathroom or not each time I eat. I’ve started a juice cleanse ritual each morning, a slightly different lunch and dinner routine, and still, haven’t gotten any closer to figuring out what’s wrong. I was in an auto accident almost nine years ago, which caused extensive neck and back issues. My neck issues, even a year and a half post surgery, haven’t done anything. I haven’t been brave enough to get my back issues on the track to getting figured out yet, because, I still have yet to go see the post concussion center for a concussion I endured on my own last may, while on the road with my trucker hubby. He thought he was gonna have to catch me from falling out of the truck, after whacking myself hard enough on the door jam of the truck to almost knock myself out. I’ve since bashed my head a number of times, including today. Now, for anyone who’s given themselves a concussion whether to knock themselves out enough or not knows, that once you’ve bashed your head, it’s worse each and every time afterwards. I bashed my head this morning on the corner of my freezer door, and I almost knocked myself out. I, moments later, started feeling pain radiating from my forehead down the sides of my head to my neck and shoulders. It affected my vision also. 

It apparently, affected my blood pressure also. My blood pressure is usually normal at 120/80, or close to it. Today, at my Gastro appt, it was 150/100, quite a bit higher, one, because I was fighting another concussion. I’m not a big fan of Drs, or lawyers, or any other high authority figures. I’ve been dealing with our bank in regards to our mortgage, and to have patience with people who, seems like all they seem like they’re doing is trying to piss you off, takes the sheer grace of God and his mercy.


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