About me, part 2

Good evening, I’m back. To continue my about me, in my first about me post,I touched on my health issues and some other issues I’ve been dealing with lately. As far as our banking dilemmas, I think we’re on track now, on the gut/digestive dilemmas, I saw my Gastro Dr yesterday, initially, my blood pressure was taken and told to me:150/100. Now, if I was pregnant and had toxemia in pregnancy like I did many years ago, that would be understandable, however, I had walked earlier that morning after dropping off my children to school, went home to have a small breakfast and clean up and I thought, I was fairly relaxed, outside of the fact that while getting my family ready for the day before dropping everybody off Friday morning, I had bashed my head pretty good on my freezer door and so I was hurting pretty bad. They never did retake my blood pressure, we all forgot to mention it. This morning, my daughter woke me up close to noon, wondering if I was gonna sleep all day. So today, I just hung out with the kiddos and read and binge watched different shows. Hopefully tomorrow, I’m a little better than I was today. 

I did my switchell and juice cleanse around noon, after getting up for the day, had a grilled cheese for brunch and a v8,a handful of nuts for snack when I wanted to munch, and a small dinner. I had popcorn for a snack tonight with my shows and, mental note to self, I won’t be having popcorn again. It has requested the fast track out. I’m hoping that they schedule my endoscopic ultrasound soon, so we can know what’s going on with my insides and hopefully a way to fix it and maybe regain part of my diet that I’ve lost so far. 

In the near future you’ll start seeing some of my writings, some of my craft endeavors and foods and recipes that I’ve tried and their failures and successes, and of course books and magazines that I’ve read and gained knowledge from. I’m gonna admit something to you all, I’m an information junkie. I love to know and learn stuff. Being I love to learn and know stuff,I also love to help others with my knowledge and help others by finding out stuff that others can’t, don’t want to bother with our aren’t sure how to go about finding.

I’m looking to become a freelance writer, a virtual assistant/personal assistant, proofreader, editor from home, while still being available for my family. If anybody can help me out, even if I’m hired to do jobs for free on a trial basis to gain me some experience/practice, I’m OK with that. I can be contacted here or by email at haskids2009@gmail.com. Have a great night everybody and prayers and blessings to all.


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