Well needed night with the hubby

OK, so it’s been a bit, but lotta stuff has gone on. I’ve dealt with people through our bank for two weeks, gotten some other stuff taken care of thru the bank, so that’s a good thing. Hubby’s work schedule was off this week, which threw me off, but he’s now home and things are, hopefully back to normal.

I stayed home from church on weds, wasn’t feeling great, kids went, thank God for friends. Health issues aren’t any closer to being figured out. I had a Dr appt with my gastroenterologist last Friday, 1-13-17,I explained to him that the meds he had put me on almost a year ago were helping, until I couldn’t afford them anymore and quit taking them. Lots of other things have been diminished out of my diet, and if he was still waiting on things in my guts to”calm down”, he was gonna be waiting till I ended up on the hospital, not something I’m waiting for, but possibly on the horizon. So, he took my suggestion and got the process going of scheduling me for an EUS, or endoscopic ultrasound, to see in the guts more than just what a regular ultrasound or cat scan would. It’s now a week later, the Dr doing the test still hasn’t called to schedule me for it. My wonderful rib and belly pain really flared up yesterday, somewhat did today, but I curbed them with pain pills and muscle relaxers. I hate being addicted to those stupid things.

I’ve been on pain pills and muscle relaxers for just shy of nine years due to an auto accident that, didn’t “cause any damages outside of a concussion and whiplash”, but yet, nine years later, I’m still having major issues and starting to lose weight, I’m feeling pain in my neck and back more so than even 8mos ago. 

Tonight, hubby is home, we are kid free, and so gonna hang with the hubby and have married people time. Everybody have a great night, safe travels, later.


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