Ok, I explained in a earlier post some of the health issues I’ve been dealing with, well, I’ve been trying to get some dental work taken care of and in the past 6wks, it’s resulted in pain in the left side of my jawline, clear up to my left ear and thru the left side of my head, making my jawline to past my temple feel like it’s on fire and the right side tries to sympathize with the left side.

I’ve talked to most of my Dr’s, two dentists, and everybody unanimously agreed,”go to the ER”. So, I gave in and went to the ER. 3 1/2hrs, and a cat scan later, there’s no infection or abcess, praise the Lord. However, nobody knows exactly what’s causing this antagonizing, painful ache and pain, the ER Dr just said, oh it sounds like it could be they got a nerve when they were pulling teeth. 

I don’t wish this pain upon anybody, ever. As long as I’m popping 3 Advil and 3curamin pills, I can go longer, usually, between doses.  

If anybody has ever experienced this kind of pain, I’m open to testimonies, what did and didn’t work,etc.. have a great night.


Health and travel

Ok, so, since the last time I was here, I’ve been dealing with some pretty aggressive health issues that, I haven’t fully gotten under wraps quite yet. I’ve been working on getting some dental issues addressed, some other health issues addressed and this week, decided, Mom was willing to take kids for the week, and give me some one on one time, just hubby and I. We’ve gone from Michigan, thru Indiana, down here currently to Georgia. Today, we’ll be working from Georgia, down to Oklahoma, back to Georgia then eventually to Michigan, home sweet home. 

I’m enjoying my hubby and me time, I’m not enjoying the plethora of meds I need to take to stay comfortable or the lack of sleep and uncomfortableness, and of course, I’m not enjoying the limited places to eat with my gut issues, so, knowing these things, Lord, I’m thankful for the sleep I do get, Lord, I am extremely grateful that the meds I take do keep me tolerably comfortable, and Lord Jesus, thank you that there is food I can eat, and Lord, I’m grateful for the food items that I brought with me for this trip. 

I don’t try to hide my faith at all, from anybody. I know, around certain people, it’s really really hard. My mother was born and raised Catholic, and by the ripe age of 21, Catholicism had gone out the window, party hardy days came along. When she was 24,I came along. Now that I’m an adult, a wife and mother, and of course a lover and follower of Jesus, something my mother hates, it makes it hard for our relationship to be close.

This is some of the beauty I’m getting to watch from the road, in Georgia right now. 

Until next time, have a great evening.