Planned out

Good afternoon folks, it’s been a little later that I blog this time. Fun family stuff, summer time seems to sometimes be worse at bringing drama than the fall and winter. Anyhow, in the past nine days I wasn’t here, I was learning and starting a bullet journal, which, because I love to write, will hopefully be an advantage to my writing here. I’ve finished a book and started another one, review will be up on my book review blog soon and I will leave a link to that for anybody who’s interested. Hubby and I have lost a dear friend last week to various health issues, we weren’t, unfortunately, able to make it up for the funeral due to schedule conflicts.

We’ve been since discussing our tree damaging our unattached garage with our insurance company, unfortunately, they aren’t able to do anything about that, unless weather takes it down. If anybody in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area is interested in doing a favor, and cutting it down, I’d be forever grateful. Our vehicle is on the fritz, and we’re dealing with health issues and insurance people there also. 

Anyhow, enough about my problems, feel free to start a group pity party here, but enough to get things out and on the table so we can figure out how to further fix them. But, I’m researching how to fix our dilemmas without, hopefully anyway, breaking the bank to do any of them.

This week, I will be starting to read more, craft more, and tentatively, write more. Again, my book reviews are on my blogger blog, I’m not sure how to link from here to that one, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know. 

Ok, that’s all for now…. One more thing, here in Grand Rapids,MI, our Grand Rapids museum, will be having free admission from 12-5p.m. there will be a charge for the planetarium and whatever else you may choose to do there, enjoy this beautiful weather wherever you may be and I’ll catch ya later. Prayers and blessings to everyone.


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