Hey guys, I know, I really need to start being on here at least twice a week. I’ll be working on that. Anyhow, you folks know how life just gets involved and seems to get in our way? I’m a stay at home wife to a trucker, and Mom to four beautiful children, two of which have moved out on their own, done well and will be separating in the next couple months.

I’ve been working on crochet projects for a friend who’s due really soon with a little boy. I’m still having issues finding the perfect crochet hat pattern that I like. If anybody crochets, and has a good crochet hat pattern, I’m up for suggestions, patterns, if you’re referring me to anything, I’m doing free patterns. I’ll probably be doing prayer shawls for a bit.

This is the baby blanket and booties for my friend having the baby. I’ll try and start posting pics up of stuff I’m working on.

For anybody on prayer chains, I’ll need prayers tomorrow, as will my mother, who doesn’t believe in prayer at all. She will be having open heart surgery early in the morning and I’m praying things go well for her. I’ll post more again tomorrow. Have a great night everybody.


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