Well, in the past month or so, since I’ve written before, I’ve dealt with alot. Today, I’m continuing my journey of dental Care, ie, extractions and denture molds, very interesting the molding procedure is. It sucks that I’ve got to experience this, but, it’s a temporary setback. Like most of my life, I’m not in the past anymore and I’m tired of trying to be made to reside there. Since mid September, after my mother’s open heart surgery, I haven’t spoken to her, nor has she attempted to contact me or return messages, so, apparently her and my brother are parts of my past I’m supposed to let go of right now. However, on a more positive note, my mother in law, bless her to pieces Lord, she has been fabulous to our family. It sucks having financial issues, and it sucks even more when someone else has to pick up your tab so you can do the basics. But we don’t know where we’d be without being blessed by her.

We may not always agree on everything, but she has been there for us. What I do know is, I want and need to come up with a work from home position that doesn’t interfere with my family duties but allows me to earn a good income. So tomorrow, I’ll be trying to attempt transcription and writing. If anybody has any good suggestions or offers, I’m open to them.

Have a great night. I’m gonna dose myself up with meds, watch a movie with my baby girl and read and go to bed.


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