Good morning, almost afternoon, I’m trying to start today, with listening to God and start doing things not only I like/love to do, but things he’s been trying to work for my good, things he’s been trying to show me, apparently I’m just not seeing them, but I’m working on that. Starting today.

My favorite hobbies:. Reading and writing

My current desires:. To gain a work from home income, that preferably won’t interfere with family time.

Things I found i’m good at and love to do:. Researching/finding out information, writing, reading, typing.

What I’m trying lately too help cut our expenses:. Limit spending money I don’t have to, ie, grocery shopping every two weeks-sometimes though, that backfires on me..😟.. Borrowing books from the library that help me do what I’m aiming to do, let me give some examples.

Recently, we’ve had some issues with our house and I thought I was limited to cooking with just the stovetop, however, God led me too just what I needed, books that will help me utilize my slow cooker and I’m looking to also utilize my pressure cooker. Our one income feels like it’s limiting us, but as long as I keep pressing on, listening to God, I can utilize what he’s blessing me with.

A list of books that I found at the library, i’d love to own..

*Make it fast, cook it slow-Stephanie o’dea,(love her cookbooks and will be checking out her website also…

*More make it fast, cook it slow-Stephanie o’dea

*365 slow cooker suppers-Stephanie o’dea

*Eat vegan on $4 a day-Ellen jaffe Jones (I’ve been having gut issues that made me start eating vegan, not all bad, but was looking for assistance doing it)

*Eat well on $4 a day, good and cheap eats-Leanne Brown

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to utilize my slow cooker and pressure cooker for meals to not only get us thru each week to eat, freeze and send with my trucker hubby to save him money on the road. If anybody has ideas, suggestions, advice, I am up for them, please and thank you.

I do remember the last time I went grocery shopping at our Meijers store, they had quit carrying zesta crackers, saltines. That was my preferred brand and I really prefer not to always go to other stores to get stuff.

Another item (s) that they seem to not carry anymore either, Bob’s red Mill gluten free white rice, sweet rice, and potato starch flours. Yes, there is another store that carries them, but I don’t feel I need to stop at ten different stores for all my items.

Ok, enough of my thoughts for now, gonna try and finish my grocery list and menu and get that chore done.


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