Letter to my gastro Dr



Second chance

It’s been two months since I’ve blogged, and it’s a few weeks before the new year. I’m trying to start a new year with new plans. When I started this blog over a year ago, I was new to this, I’ve been learning a lot over this past year and a half, however, after praying about this, and reading things that I wish I would’ve read shortly after starting this blog, and wondering how I could get myself and my writing to grow and get into the wild and get better, I came across some writing posts, that gave me many awesome ideas.

I’ve been trying to also figure out how I could start gaining experience in writing, and also working from home, and using suggestions from this writing site on the millions of ways to gain some experience in the many ways I could work from home and gain valuable writing experience. I promise, I’ll be writing alot more.

With the winter season nearing the horizon very soon, I’ve been on a craft and audiobook/show binge, and have already donated a bag of hats and scarves to my kids’ school and intending to drop off more before Christmas break starts. Once break starts, I’ll be donating to our church and other places that need stuff. I’ve been dealing with more health issues, symptoms and issues that, to date, nobody can figure out what’s going on, nor what may be causing them or how to fix them, outside of throwing more meds at them.

It’s after midnight here, I’m tired and need sleep, however, I’m still on my craft/audiobook/show binge, so have a great night all.


Good morning, almost afternoon, I’m trying to start today, with listening to God and start doing things not only I like/love to do, but things he’s been trying to work for my good, things he’s been trying to show me, apparently I’m just not seeing them, but I’m working on that. Starting today.

My favorite hobbies:. Reading and writing

My current desires:. To gain a work from home income, that preferably won’t interfere with family time.

Things I found i’m good at and love to do:. Researching/finding out information, writing, reading, typing.

What I’m trying lately too help cut our expenses:. Limit spending money I don’t have to, ie, grocery shopping every two weeks-sometimes though, that backfires on me..😟.. Borrowing books from the library that help me do what I’m aiming to do, let me give some examples.

Recently, we’ve had some issues with our house and I thought I was limited to cooking with just the stovetop, however, God led me too just what I needed, books that will help me utilize my slow cooker and I’m looking to also utilize my pressure cooker. Our one income feels like it’s limiting us, but as long as I keep pressing on, listening to God, I can utilize what he’s blessing me with.

A list of books that I found at the library, i’d love to own..

*Make it fast, cook it slow-Stephanie o’dea,(love her cookbooks and will be checking out her website also…crockpot365.blogspot.com)

*More make it fast, cook it slow-Stephanie o’dea

*365 slow cooker suppers-Stephanie o’dea

*Eat vegan on $4 a day-Ellen jaffe Jones (I’ve been having gut issues that made me start eating vegan, not all bad, but was looking for assistance doing it)

*Eat well on $4 a day, good and cheap eats-Leanne Brown

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to utilize my slow cooker and pressure cooker for meals to not only get us thru each week to eat, freeze and send with my trucker hubby to save him money on the road. If anybody has ideas, suggestions, advice, I am up for them, please and thank you.

I do remember the last time I went grocery shopping at our Meijers store, they had quit carrying zesta crackers, saltines. That was my preferred brand and I really prefer not to always go to other stores to get stuff.

Another item (s) that they seem to not carry anymore either, Bob’s red Mill gluten free white rice, sweet rice, and potato starch flours. Yes, there is another store that carries them, but I don’t feel I need to stop at ten different stores for all my items.

Ok, enough of my thoughts for now, gonna try and finish my grocery list and menu and get that chore done.


Well, in the past month or so, since I’ve written before, I’ve dealt with alot. Today, I’m continuing my journey of dental Care, ie, extractions and denture molds, very interesting the molding procedure is. It sucks that I’ve got to experience this, but, it’s a temporary setback. Like most of my life, I’m not in the past anymore and I’m tired of trying to be made to reside there. Since mid September, after my mother’s open heart surgery, I haven’t spoken to her, nor has she attempted to contact me or return messages, so, apparently her and my brother are parts of my past I’m supposed to let go of right now. However, on a more positive note, my mother in law, bless her to pieces Lord, she has been fabulous to our family. It sucks having financial issues, and it sucks even more when someone else has to pick up your tab so you can do the basics. But we don’t know where we’d be without being blessed by her.

We may not always agree on everything, but she has been there for us. What I do know is, I want and need to come up with a work from home position that doesn’t interfere with my family duties but allows me to earn a good income. So tomorrow, I’ll be trying to attempt transcription and writing. If anybody has any good suggestions or offers, I’m open to them.

Have a great night. I’m gonna dose myself up with meds, watch a movie with my baby girl and read and go to bed.


Ok, so I realize it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been here, I’m still not feeling myself. I have seen my Dr about my high blood pressure, she checked my BP in the office along with getting an average BP, they were mostly high. She has since put me on a low dose bp med, metoprolol ER 25mg….. Unbeknownst to anybody else, least wise my pharmacist, it has a bad reaction to me while taking tramadol and amitriptyline, so can you guess what might have happened? Friday night I started that pill, only at night, because my Dr stated, “if it makes you tired, take it at night”, so, knowing that, and knowing both my mother in law and my husband take that same pill, just in a stronger dose,I decided, not much to worry about, sleepy, yay, I’ll get more sleep, sweating more, I’ve already got that, but no, me, I took it at 10:05p.m., by 11pm,I had passed out on my living room floor.

Well, that was interesting. Attempted to get up, very slowly, felt like I was going to go down again, so I waited. The feeling passed for the most part and I took my fuzzy butt to bed. Saturday, I looked at some of the side effects to see what else might happen with them, again Saturday night I took it, but this time I was already in bed before it took effect. On Sunday, curiosity got the better of me, so I started looking for drug interactions as to why I kept passing out, low and behold, it doesn’t do well in people taking tramadol or amitriptyline. Two pills which I take every night. So Monday, I contacted the pharmacy to let them know the discovery I made on my own behalf, and I contacted my Dr to find out what else she may want me to do. Stop taking them and keep monitoring my BP, and if any more fainting/passing out spells happen, go to the ER. So, that’s been my fun week or so on top of getting kids prepped to go back to school.

I can’t possibly forget, thanking God that my hubby last weekend, missed any hurricane Harvey effects. He was supposed to go down there again this week, but, thankfully his load to Texas cancelled. But even though my hubby isn’t down there this week, I’m definitely praying for everybody else affected by hurricane Harvey.

Have a safe week, safe travels to anybody traveling for work, the holidays or just to travel and I will catch ya all later.


Good afternoon, I’m up and moving, had brunch, got my grocery list and menu made, gonna hopefully have ambition today to make me some gf tortillas, bread, and pasta. I’ve been getting into this kick of trying to make my own stuff instead of buying it. I’ve got my favorite sites in which I refer to for my favorite recipes, which I’ll share with you all later. I’ve gotten my roses all trimmed up, finally, haven’t felt like doing zippity do da the past two weeks, I’m sure you all understand.

I’ve been trying to treat my health a little more naturally, going back to having smoothies during the day and a good dinner, with very little, if any snacks I really don’t need anyway. I’ve still been taking 400mg ibuprofen three times a day along with my curamin, vitamin b, nerve support, and cranberry pill for bladder help, although,I don’t think it’s all bladder issues, but rather, issues with my interstitial cystitis, which mimics bladder infection symptoms.

I’ve recently started or rather gone back to seeing my holistic dentist, who notices more about me than any other Dr. Between seeing him and possibly a functional medicine specialist, along with neurology and urology, I’ll get some things figured out with my health, cuz I don’t know about any of you with chronic health issues, or health issues you are aware of, that nobody else wants to acknowledge, but I’m so sick of being sick and tired.

I’m open to hear what others that have chronic health issues and autoimmune health issues do or have tried to feel better so they don’t feel totally like burdens to their families. Prayers to all of us who are battling today to just function enough to get basic stuff done today. I’m gonna grocery shop, make my coleslaw,meemaw’s 5-star coleslaw with dressing, found on allrecipes.com, very good and then sit and get some reading, writing and crafting done. Have a great day everybody.

New things learned

Good evening, it’s been two weeks since I’ve been here, I’m now the daughter of a mom who’s had and recovering from open heart surgery. Still praying she stays away from smoking, but, I know that may be a Longshot. Although, I know, God can do anything. Since she’s had her open heart surgery and recovered in the hospital, she’s since gone home, and is doing better day by day.

My health on the other hand, hasn’t been doing real great. I’ve been having health issues that, in the past almost 10yrs, have just been getting worse, and part of those deteriorating health issues, just happens to be bad teeth. So, in my quest to start getting them taken care of, pending finances allow, I got into a dentist who was trying to work with me and the last two teeth he pulled, resulted in me having some major effects from my trigeminal nerve being hit. Let me tell you, that three month stint, which still hasn’t gone totally away by the way, hasn’t been a pleasant experience. Numb and tingly feelings in the left side of my lip and tongue, very sensitive and painful in my jaw, headaches, shooting pain thru my head, and of course, high blood pressure. In the three months since it’s started, it’s caused me to start taking ibuprofen 3-4 times a day, and along with ibuprofen, I’ve found a natural pain reliever called curamin, presented through our health food store, harvest health in Michigan, which has helped. However, running out of my curamin and my stomach pills, has really caused my health to become out of whack, my blood pressure to stay pretty high consistently, so it’s thrown me out of whack. It’s been three months since this officially started, but the pain, sensitivity and high blood pressure is still present, on top of being out of my other meds and having double the pain, and other weird pains, I’ve not really been feeling good, so sadly, I’ve neglected to keep up with this.

As of August 28th, my kids start school, so, that’ll open up my days to do more reading, writing and blogging. My intentional plan is to start writing, start taking classes online and work on securing some form of work from home position to start building an extra income to start getting all these medical bills paid.

I’ll try and keep updating you all on my progress of health, income, writing and everything overall. Have a great rest of your night.