Good evening everybody, I’m back. This week, I’ve been on the road with my hubby, he’s a trucker and I had the opportunity to go with him, so, right now, we’re sitting in Tahlequah,OK, for his morning load. We left early Tues morning, and Weds evening/Thurs morning, after having a pretty good trip so far, having great conversations with God, and it was after responding to a friend’s Facebook post, that gave me an epiphany on the way to go with my writing.

Y’all know, I love to write and read. I love to research things for people. Well, I also know how my family/household survives on one income every week. So, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, you’ll be seeing posts from me, tentatively every day, minimally three times a week.

For tonight, I’m signing off and sending prayers and blessings to you all for sweet dreams and a great night sleep.


Ok, I explained in a earlier post some of the health issues I’ve been dealing with, well, I’ve been trying to get some dental work taken care of and in the past 6wks, it’s resulted in pain in the left side of my jawline, clear up to my left ear and thru the left side of my head, making my jawline to past my temple feel like it’s on fire and the right side tries to sympathize with the left side.

I’ve talked to most of my Dr’s, two dentists, and everybody unanimously agreed,”go to the ER”. So, I gave in and went to the ER. 3 1/2hrs, and a cat scan later, there’s no infection or abcess, praise the Lord. However, nobody knows exactly what’s causing this antagonizing, painful ache and pain, the ER Dr just said, oh it sounds like it could be they got a nerve when they were pulling teeth. 

I don’t wish this pain upon anybody, ever. As long as I’m popping 3 Advil and 3curamin pills, I can go longer, usually, between doses.  

If anybody has ever experienced this kind of pain, I’m open to testimonies, what did and didn’t work,etc.. have a great night.

Health and travel

Ok, so, since the last time I was here, I’ve been dealing with some pretty aggressive health issues that, I haven’t fully gotten under wraps quite yet. I’ve been working on getting some dental issues addressed, some other health issues addressed and this week, decided, Mom was willing to take kids for the week, and give me some one on one time, just hubby and I. We’ve gone from Michigan, thru Indiana, down here currently to Georgia. Today, we’ll be working from Georgia, down to Oklahoma, back to Georgia then eventually to Michigan, home sweet home. 

I’m enjoying my hubby and me time, I’m not enjoying the plethora of meds I need to take to stay comfortable or the lack of sleep and uncomfortableness, and of course, I’m not enjoying the limited places to eat with my gut issues, so, knowing these things, Lord, I’m thankful for the sleep I do get, Lord, I am extremely grateful that the meds I take do keep me tolerably comfortable, and Lord Jesus, thank you that there is food I can eat, and Lord, I’m grateful for the food items that I brought with me for this trip. 

I don’t try to hide my faith at all, from anybody. I know, around certain people, it’s really really hard. My mother was born and raised Catholic, and by the ripe age of 21, Catholicism had gone out the window, party hardy days came along. When she was 24,I came along. Now that I’m an adult, a wife and mother, and of course a lover and follower of Jesus, something my mother hates, it makes it hard for our relationship to be close.

This is some of the beauty I’m getting to watch from the road, in Georgia right now. 

Until next time, have a great evening.

Present over perfect

Good evening folks, I know, I really really need to be more consistent on here, if I wanna have any kind of success. I had an email in my inbox today, that touched briefly on the Bible study I just started at my church Weds night. As my title tonight states, present over perfect, it’s learning to be who you are in the midst of everyday life. I haven’t jumped back into my daily assignment yet, but I will post here as soon as I do.

See, I have an issue with becoming who God created me to be, outside of doing, reading, wanting to much. That mentality of”as soon as I have_______, I’ll be happy,” or,”as soon as my weight gets to_____, I’ll feel better,” God didn’t create us to have that mentality, and even though that mentality is predominant to us females, guys have it also, you just don’t hear about it as often. 

Speaking of weight, I’ve been battling mine a bit lately, trying to get it down to a lower number. I’m not going to share my weight, however, I will say that, it’s the highest I’ve ever been in my life. My mother in law went, starting the 15th, Monday, on a 2 week trip to care for someone else and while she’s gone, I’ve been dog sitting. He is a 14yr old Chi-Raq, Chihuahua/Yorkie, and for 14, he’s still pretty rambunctious and energetic.

Here is Pilgrim. I’ve been taking advantage of having him, to hopefully get myself off my butt more and at least walking more, if nothing else. 

I’m going to end here for now, with I look forward to sharing more with you. Have a great night, tomorrow will be a busy day for my crew, two soccer games in the morning, grocery shopping afterwards, and then picking up my hubby from work sometime tomorrow.


Good afternoon folks. I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, I’ve been dealing with health issues and, unfortunately now, financial hardship. I’m not sure how many might be going through health issues like I’ll describe shortly, but I’m praying for all of us to have an uneventful Merry Christmas.


I have dealt with chronic intestinal issues for quite awhile now. At one point, Dr’s thought it was my gallbladder, six tests and a surgeon’s consult later, it wasn’t. Thankfully, in a way. Then I went to a gastro Dr, who I thought was trying to help me, but I found was just trying to pad both his and the pharmaceutical companies’pockets. After seeing another gastro Dr, I’m liking much better, he’s prescribed meds to calm down my system before looking further to find the actual problem and cause. Which I’m grateful for.

As of this date, nobody is any closer to figuring out what’s going on.  However, on a lighter note, I’ve been getting back into my favorite first love, reading. And of course, crocheting. I’ve gotten a few projects that I’ve started, gotten bored with, set down to start doing something else, gone back to, and some I’ve finished, some of which, I’ve just recently been picking back up. I found some really cool stitch patterns for scarves or blankets that I’ve been experimenting on, I’ll try and share the links and some pics later on.

My youngest kids have officially started spring soccer, they’ve had practices, and my daughter’s first game, they won, 5-2, WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! My son’s first game w/be this Saturday, he’s got a good coach, so we’ll see.


Well needed night with the hubby

OK, so it’s been a bit, but lotta stuff has gone on. I’ve dealt with people through our bank for two weeks, gotten some other stuff taken care of thru the bank, so that’s a good thing. Hubby’s work schedule was off this week, which threw me off, but he’s now home and things are, hopefully back to normal.

I stayed home from church on weds, wasn’t feeling great, kids went, thank God for friends. Health issues aren’t any closer to being figured out. I had a Dr appt with my gastroenterologist last Friday, 1-13-17,I explained to him that the meds he had put me on almost a year ago were helping, until I couldn’t afford them anymore and quit taking them. Lots of other things have been diminished out of my diet, and if he was still waiting on things in my guts to”calm down”, he was gonna be waiting till I ended up on the hospital, not something I’m waiting for, but possibly on the horizon. So, he took my suggestion and got the process going of scheduling me for an EUS, or endoscopic ultrasound, to see in the guts more than just what a regular ultrasound or cat scan would. It’s now a week later, the Dr doing the test still hasn’t called to schedule me for it. My wonderful rib and belly pain really flared up yesterday, somewhat did today, but I curbed them with pain pills and muscle relaxers. I hate being addicted to those stupid things.

I’ve been on pain pills and muscle relaxers for just shy of nine years due to an auto accident that, didn’t “cause any damages outside of a concussion and whiplash”, but yet, nine years later, I’m still having major issues and starting to lose weight, I’m feeling pain in my neck and back more so than even 8mos ago. 

Tonight, hubby is home, we are kid free, and so gonna hang with the hubby and have married people time. Everybody have a great night, safe travels, later.

About me, part 2

Good evening, I’m back. To continue my about me, in my first about me post,I touched on my health issues and some other issues I’ve been dealing with lately. As far as our banking dilemmas, I think we’re on track now, on the gut/digestive dilemmas, I saw my Gastro Dr yesterday, initially, my blood pressure was taken and told to me:150/100. Now, if I was pregnant and had toxemia in pregnancy like I did many years ago, that would be understandable, however, I had walked earlier that morning after dropping off my children to school, went home to have a small breakfast and clean up and I thought, I was fairly relaxed, outside of the fact that while getting my family ready for the day before dropping everybody off Friday morning, I had bashed my head pretty good on my freezer door and so I was hurting pretty bad. They never did retake my blood pressure, we all forgot to mention it. This morning, my daughter woke me up close to noon, wondering if I was gonna sleep all day. So today, I just hung out with the kiddos and read and binge watched different shows. Hopefully tomorrow, I’m a little better than I was today. 

I did my switchell and juice cleanse around noon, after getting up for the day, had a grilled cheese for brunch and a v8,a handful of nuts for snack when I wanted to munch, and a small dinner. I had popcorn for a snack tonight with my shows and, mental note to self, I won’t be having popcorn again. It has requested the fast track out. I’m hoping that they schedule my endoscopic ultrasound soon, so we can know what’s going on with my insides and hopefully a way to fix it and maybe regain part of my diet that I’ve lost so far. 

In the near future you’ll start seeing some of my writings, some of my craft endeavors and foods and recipes that I’ve tried and their failures and successes, and of course books and magazines that I’ve read and gained knowledge from. I’m gonna admit something to you all, I’m an information junkie. I love to know and learn stuff. Being I love to learn and know stuff,I also love to help others with my knowledge and help others by finding out stuff that others can’t, don’t want to bother with our aren’t sure how to go about finding.

I’m looking to become a freelance writer, a virtual assistant/personal assistant, proofreader, editor from home, while still being available for my family. If anybody can help me out, even if I’m hired to do jobs for free on a trial basis to gain me some experience/practice, I’m OK with that. I can be contacted here or by email at Have a great night everybody and prayers and blessings to all.