I’m back

Good Sunday morning. I’ve not been keeping up with this as much as I was hoping for, but, get up and try again. 

My son has decided to wanna play soccer this year and, for his first time playing any sport, he and his team did pretty good. Unfortunately, they haven’t won any games, but they played pretty good for never having a full team. Anyhow, we’ve got the last game next Saturday, and then, not sure what he’ll want to play, if anything. 

Doing my morning devotions today, today’s and actually, yesterday’s struck a closer cord with me. 

I am currently doing Joyce Meyers, power thoughts devotions, sometimes switching up between the four different devotionals i have. Today’s verse was this:

And today’s church message is this, Where will I go when I die? 

Do you know where you’ll go when you die? I do.