Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes… in You and Your Kids

Check out this book on Goodreads: Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes… in You and Your Kids

Good evening, again I’m back, I’ve, as you’ve seen above, started another book 😁, by authors who do the website Really good stuff if you’re stick in a parenting rut and looking for good parenting suggestions, advice, etc. Another book I’ll be reading and mentioning here this month, sorry in July, will be Raising men, not boys by Mike Fabarez. You can also check out his Bible plan on youversion, with the same title.

Due in part to some issues arising with my own son, my only boy of four children, I realized I needed some Christian, biblical guidance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking to God and his word for what I need along with other Christian, biblical resources. I may have made many mistakes with my elder two girls, but I don’t want to mess up these last 5-6yrs of my younger ones childhood, before adulthood sneaks up on me and they are then responsible for themselves and out in the big, bad world. Ok, enough rambling, I’m currently under the influence of narcotics due to being 24hrs post op from surgery yesterday, so I’m going to let you all go and say blessings to your night, see you all, next month. 😁


Check out this review of Interview with God

Here is a review by Eva:

Well, I’m done with this very short book. I’ll let you read my review on Goodreads. Back to reading and resting, I’ll be starting a bookathon tomorrow, I’ve got my list of books picked out already and I’m ready, as SpongeBob would say, 😁😁. Later all.

Interview with God

Check out this book on Goodreads: Interview with God

Good evening, I’ve returned, gonna try and stay back. I’ve been dealing with issues and family stuff lately and yesterday, I had surgery, so I’m parked and reading. I’ve had some eye opening experiences, and realized that If I want to write, here was the perfect place to do it. I also realized, that if I want to become a better writer, here was also the place to do it. So, I’m starting now. I’ve seen the previews to the movie, interview with God, and checked out the book, not the same, but as I get thru the book, I’ll let you all know what I think of it.

A purpose driven life-day 2

Good late morning everyone. For anyone joining in, welcome. I’m posting day two of the book and the workbook for anyone who, again, may not have the book, or who doesn’t have the workbook. I’ll post again later my thoughts and what lessons I’m getting out of this. Have a great day.

Sorry for any marks you see currently on the pages, this book was gifted to me a long time ago so, some of them were someone else’s notes and some are verses to reference to later.

Bible study-day 1

Good evening, a new week, a new start. I’m starting a thread of sharing our Bible study, The purpose driven life-Rick Warren and it’s 40 days of community, the purpose driven life’s workbook here and sharing the link on our Facebook page. This is for people who want to still do this but, for whatever the reason, don’t have the book. It also includes the verses, and questions to ponder also. Being we’re just starting this today, this is a bit later than anticipated, but I’ll try to stay sharing them in the mornings.

I often have the same question running thru my head, what purpose am I here for? I’m hoping everybody who wants to join in will be able to do so and, for the ones without access to the book, I’m hoping this helps.