Good afternoon folks. I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately, I’ve been dealing with health issues and, unfortunately now, financial hardship. I’m not sure how many might be going through health issues like I’ll describe shortly, but I’m praying for all of us to have an uneventful Merry Christmas.


I have dealt with chronic intestinal issues for quite awhile now. At one point, Dr’s thought it was my gallbladder, six tests and a surgeon’s consult later, it wasn’t. Thankfully, in a way. Then I went to a gastro Dr, who I thought was trying to help me, but I found was just trying to pad both his and the pharmaceutical companies’pockets. After seeing another gastro Dr, I’m liking much better, he’s prescribed meds to calm down my system before looking further to find the actual problem and cause. Which I’m grateful for.

As of this date, nobody is any closer to figuring out what’s going on.  However, on a lighter note, I’ve been getting back into my favorite first love, reading. And of course, crocheting. I’ve gotten a few projects that I’ve started, gotten bored with, set down to start doing something else, gone back to, and some I’ve finished, some of which, I’ve just recently been picking back up. I found some really cool stitch patterns for scarves or blankets that I’ve been experimenting on, I’ll try and share the links and some pics later on.

My youngest kids have officially started spring soccer, they’ve had practices, and my daughter’s first game, they won, 5-2, WOOOO HOOOO!!!!! My son’s first game w/be this Saturday, he’s got a good coach, so we’ll see.