Ok, so I realize it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been here, I’m still not feeling myself. I have seen my Dr about my high blood pressure, she checked my BP in the office along with getting an average BP, they were mostly high. She has since put me on a low dose bp med, metoprolol ER 25mg….. Unbeknownst to anybody else, least wise my pharmacist, it has a bad reaction to me while taking tramadol and amitriptyline, so can you guess what might have happened? Friday night I started that pill, only at night, because my Dr stated, “if it makes you tired, take it at night”, so, knowing that, and knowing both my mother in law and my husband take that same pill, just in a stronger dose,I decided, not much to worry about, sleepy, yay, I’ll get more sleep, sweating more, I’ve already got that, but no, me, I took it at 10:05p.m., by 11pm,I had passed out on my living room floor.

Well, that was interesting. Attempted to get up, very slowly, felt like I was going to go down again, so I waited. The feeling passed for the most part and I took my fuzzy butt to bed. Saturday, I looked at some of the side effects to see what else might happen with them, again Saturday night I took it, but this time I was already in bed before it took effect. On Sunday, curiosity got the better of me, so I started looking for drug interactions as to why I kept passing out, low and behold, it doesn’t do well in people taking tramadol or amitriptyline. Two pills which I take every night. So Monday, I contacted the pharmacy to let them know the discovery I made on my own behalf, and I contacted my Dr to find out what else she may want me to do. Stop taking them and keep monitoring my BP, and if any more fainting/passing out spells happen, go to the ER. So, that’s been my fun week or so on top of getting kids prepped to go back to school.

I can’t possibly forget, thanking God that my hubby last weekend, missed any hurricane Harvey effects. He was supposed to go down there again this week, but, thankfully his load to Texas cancelled. But even though my hubby isn’t down there this week, I’m definitely praying for everybody else affected by hurricane Harvey.

Have a safe week, safe travels to anybody traveling for work, the holidays or just to travel and I will catch ya all later.



Good afternoon, I’m up and moving, had brunch, got my grocery list and menu made, gonna hopefully have ambition today to make me some gf tortillas, bread, and pasta. I’ve been getting into this kick of trying to make my own stuff instead of buying it. I’ve got my favorite sites in which I refer to for my favorite recipes, which I’ll share with you all later. I’ve gotten my roses all trimmed up, finally, haven’t felt like doing zippity do da the past two weeks, I’m sure you all understand.

I’ve been trying to treat my health a little more naturally, going back to having smoothies during the day and a good dinner, with very little, if any snacks I really don’t need anyway. I’ve still been taking 400mg ibuprofen three times a day along with my curamin, vitamin b, nerve support, and cranberry pill for bladder help, although,I don’t think it’s all bladder issues, but rather, issues with my interstitial cystitis, which mimics bladder infection symptoms.

I’ve recently started or rather gone back to seeing my holistic dentist, who notices more about me than any other Dr. Between seeing him and possibly a functional medicine specialist, along with neurology and urology, I’ll get some things figured out with my health, cuz I don’t know about any of you with chronic health issues, or health issues you are aware of, that nobody else wants to acknowledge, but I’m so sick of being sick and tired.

I’m open to hear what others that have chronic health issues and autoimmune health issues do or have tried to feel better so they don’t feel totally like burdens to their families. Prayers to all of us who are battling today to just function enough to get basic stuff done today. I’m gonna grocery shop, make my coleslaw,meemaw’s 5-star coleslaw with dressing, found on allrecipes.com, very good and then sit and get some reading, writing and crafting done. Have a great day everybody.

New things learned

Good evening, it’s been two weeks since I’ve been here, I’m now the daughter of a mom who’s had and recovering from open heart surgery. Still praying she stays away from smoking, but, I know that may be a Longshot. Although, I know, God can do anything. Since she’s had her open heart surgery and recovered in the hospital, she’s since gone home, and is doing better day by day.

My health on the other hand, hasn’t been doing real great. I’ve been having health issues that, in the past almost 10yrs, have just been getting worse, and part of those deteriorating health issues, just happens to be bad teeth. So, in my quest to start getting them taken care of, pending finances allow, I got into a dentist who was trying to work with me and the last two teeth he pulled, resulted in me having some major effects from my trigeminal nerve being hit. Let me tell you, that three month stint, which still hasn’t gone totally away by the way, hasn’t been a pleasant experience. Numb and tingly feelings in the left side of my lip and tongue, very sensitive and painful in my jaw, headaches, shooting pain thru my head, and of course, high blood pressure. In the three months since it’s started, it’s caused me to start taking ibuprofen 3-4 times a day, and along with ibuprofen, I’ve found a natural pain reliever called curamin, presented through our health food store, harvest health in Michigan, which has helped. However, running out of my curamin and my stomach pills, has really caused my health to become out of whack, my blood pressure to stay pretty high consistently, so it’s thrown me out of whack. It’s been three months since this officially started, but the pain, sensitivity and high blood pressure is still present, on top of being out of my other meds and having double the pain, and other weird pains, I’ve not really been feeling good, so sadly, I’ve neglected to keep up with this.

As of August 28th, my kids start school, so, that’ll open up my days to do more reading, writing and blogging. My intentional plan is to start writing, start taking classes online and work on securing some form of work from home position to start building an extra income to start getting all these medical bills paid.

I’ll try and keep updating you all on my progress of health, income, writing and everything overall. Have a great rest of your night.


Ok, so been pretty busy this week. Between kids, hubby, cleaning, and being in the hospital with my mom most of the week, she’s recovering from having open heart surgery. Thankfully, she’s hasn’t even thought twice about smoking, yay. She didn’t have open heart surgery due to smoking, it was too repair an artery that couldn’t be done via tavr procedure.

So, she’s been doing pretty good, tubes and wires out except the heart monitor, not up to eating except applesauce. She’s starting to relearn how to move differently, breathe, etc with her cute heart pillow.

Once she was moved from ICU to an upper heart floor,I was sitting on the couch, crocheting, finishing up crocheting a prayer shawl for a friend who’s due to deliver her baby boy any day. The nurse walked in, asking if I was crocheting and so I told her yes, we then got to talking about knitting and crocheting and I told her that I would be willing to teach and learn alongside her how to knit and crochet. So, we’ll see how schedules allow that and will keep everybody posted how Mom is doing. If anybody has got advice, suggestions or even stories on surgery and recovery, I’m open.

I’m off to continue my knitting project and then jumping on Star wars game for an op, then hubby will be home. Have a great rest of your weekend folks, I’ll be back later.

Hey guys, I know, I really need to start being on here at least twice a week. I’ll be working on that. Anyhow, you folks know how life just gets involved and seems to get in our way? I’m a stay at home wife to a trucker, and Mom to four beautiful children, two of which have moved out on their own, done well and will be separating in the next couple months.

I’ve been working on crochet projects for a friend who’s due really soon with a little boy. I’m still having issues finding the perfect crochet hat pattern that I like. If anybody crochets, and has a good crochet hat pattern, I’m up for suggestions, patterns, if you’re referring me to anything, I’m doing free patterns. I’ll probably be doing prayer shawls for a bit.

This is the baby blanket and booties for my friend having the baby. I’ll try and start posting pics up of stuff I’m working on.

For anybody on prayer chains, I’ll need prayers tomorrow, as will my mother, who doesn’t believe in prayer at all. She will be having open heart surgery early in the morning and I’m praying things go well for her. I’ll post more again tomorrow. Have a great night everybody.