I’m back, again. I have been trying to get back into my normal routine after being on momcation with my hubby, so, that has unfortunately, kept me away. Weather here in West Michigan isn’t very pleasant, so my kiddos and I are watching our church service online. It’s a very good message, a new series starting today called, “what’s your why?” I will share the link at the end for anybody who’s interested.

I have not done a whole lot of reading this week, but I’ve done quite a bit of crafting this week. I’m almost done with baby hats and baby booties for a friend of mine, having her first baby. Oh, correction, I’ve done a lot of listening to audiobooks, ones I love, it’s a four book series, I’ve probably mentioned it here before, called, elite guardian series by Lynette Eason. I’ve also started re listening to driven by eternity by John Bevere. I highly recommend both of them.

I am still on my anti inflammatory diet…. My anti inflammatory diet anyhow, consists of fruits, veggies, chicken, fresh/frozen fish, wild caught meat, no dairy, no citrus, no condiments except mustard, evoo(extra virgin olive oil), Apple cider vinegar, nuts and if course, my daily mantra of supplements that is helping, slowly, to heal my guts from the inside out….

It was really rough the first two weeks. This is my fourth week of this diet, and I’m on this diet for at least, another month. I’m re introducing eggs, hallelujah…😁😁😁😁, they do just fine with me. For anybody who’s got gut issues and having to eliminate things or be placed on a different diet, I totally sympathize with you.

Now, last but not least, here is the link to our church service, if it doesn’t play, check it tomorrow and it should play…https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155556824958041&id=363471488040.

Have a great rest of your weekend, and I’ll catch ya later this week.


Diet update

Another thing I wanted to share with you all, since I’ve been put on healing probiotics, medical food, digestease and now garlic pills, an anti inflammatory diet, and I’ve been walking, yoga and Pilates,I can’t verify right now how much weight I’ve lost, but I know, I can fit intoa few pair of my jeans from almost three years ago. These last ten years have been brutal to my health and well being. An auto accident ten years ago started, or re started most everything from gut issues, back and neck issues and major weight gain. Since I’ve been seeing a holistic functional medicine specialist, hopefully, I can figure out exactly what’s up with my back and neck.

I’ll come back to those issues and some God learned lessons tomorrow. Again, have a wonderful night.

Catch up

Lord, before I get into my catch up, I just want to say, thank you Lord for a wonderful, beautiful day. Thank you for the sunshine, thank you for the sleep I was able to get, which hasn’t been much, and thank you for being with me, even though I deal with trust issues, that you’re there thru my issues. Lord, help me to trust you more, and start learning to let go and let God.

Good evening, before I get settled in for the night, I just wanted to catch up, see how everyone is doing? Still hanging with the hubby, viewing a different scenery, taking a moms week out, for anybody who hasn’t seen moms night out, you’ll understand.

The audiobook hubby and I have been listening to the past couple days is, last light by Terri Blackstock, she’s a Christian author. In this first installment of her four part series, is this couple, Doug and and his wife, which is eluding me at the moment, have four children, which sounds similar to my kids, except, I’ve only got one boy. Anyhow, their four kids, Denny, Jeff, Logan and Beth, have this wonderful life, beautiful home, almost all the luxuries you can possibly imagine, Doug is returning with his eldest from the airport, when, everything just shuts down, airplanes, power, watches, everything. Denny, being a spoiled brat, starts learning lessons the hard way about the middle of the book. We haven’t gotten to the end of the book yet, but I ponder the fact in our own lives, what would we do, how would we live for Christ, doing what he wants us to, if everything stopped? I’ll admit, I do enjoy my technology and the ability to look up anything I want to, but, I try to imagine having no Internet, no cell phone, no power, no running anything.

What would any of you do if everything in the world just stopped? I’m interested to know how anybody out there, thinks they’d react, or what they’d feel if everything stopped and you had to depend on good old nature.

Lord, I just want to say thank you for getting us through another day, safely and on time, no catastrophes. Lord, I pray for a good night’s sleep, and the trust and confidence and comfort, knowing you’re there for us, and you’re there when we cry out your name in times of trials or just silent issues. Thank you Jesus, in your name we pray, Amen. Have a great night everyone.


Good evening, I’m returning from a hiatus, after pondering exactly what to do with my blog, I’ve decided, I’m turning it into a lifestyle/Christian blog, being I don’t have any “One” particular niche. I’m a stay-at-home-mom of four beautiful children, two which have moved out almost two years ago, two of which are in their early teens, one getting ready to graduate from 8th grade into that dreaded, High School, and one getting ready to start her last year as a middle schooler. I’m a stay-at-home wife of my best friend and soul mate, my trucker hubby, whom I’m also the CEO/administrative Assistant/Best home administrator, according to my hubby…😊

I’m a Christian, I deal with health issues and other issues that God is trying to work on me with, which I’ll be sharing here in due time. I’m an avid reader, I love to write, and I love to learn and find information. I’m what my daughter and mother-in law call me, the information guru of the family. I love to learn, and craft. I’m a highly sensitive person, who deals with lots of other issues, again I’ll be sharing here in due time.

That is me, who I am. Currently this week, I’m in the truck with my hubby, and our resting space tonight is Troy,IL. We started our day by getting up at 5:15 this morning, showering, dressing, making sure everything was totally packed and ready. Mimi had come to get us and drop us off, and then coming back, to drop off our other phone charger, that would’ve gotten interesting…😂😂😂

We went up to get loaded, came back to the shop to get a bolt for the truck, and finally headed out about noon. I’m on a new diet, so, therefore I don’t”eat” much, I do v8 and smoothies for both breakfast and lunch, along with healthy meds, also causing me to pee quite often. We’ve driven against high winds this afternoon and evening between Indiana and Illinois and thankfully, avoided any tornados. We were in an area that had tornado watches. Right now, I’m writing this, because God has given me a new purpose for writing, therefore, I’m taking a leap of faith and starting back up.

Another thing about me is, music and books are my out, my comfort and what speak to me. Although, God uses music to talk to me, or to get me to listen to him.

Lord, thank you for a safe trip so far. Keep my family safe while we’re gone, keep us safe out here on the road. Thank you for everything today, and most of all, thank you for this time with my husband. Help us to get closer to you and to each other and to be a light for you out here. In your name I pray, Amen.

Goodnight all, sweet dreams, talk to you all tomorrow.

Second chance

It’s been two months since I’ve blogged, and it’s a few weeks before the new year. I’m trying to start a new year with new plans. When I started this blog over a year ago, I was new to this, I’ve been learning a lot over this past year and a half, however, after praying about this, and reading things that I wish I would’ve read shortly after starting this blog, and wondering how I could get myself and my writing to grow and get into the wild and get better, I came across some writing posts, that gave me many awesome ideas.

I’ve been trying to also figure out how I could start gaining experience in writing, and also working from home, and using suggestions from this writing site on the millions of ways to gain some experience in the many ways I could work from home and gain valuable writing experience. I promise, I’ll be writing alot more.

With the winter season nearing the horizon very soon, I’ve been on a craft and audiobook/show binge, and have already donated a bag of hats and scarves to my kids’ school and intending to drop off more before Christmas break starts. Once break starts, I’ll be donating to our church and other places that need stuff. I’ve been dealing with more health issues, symptoms and issues that, to date, nobody can figure out what’s going on, nor what may be causing them or how to fix them, outside of throwing more meds at them.

It’s after midnight here, I’m tired and need sleep, however, I’m still on my craft/audiobook/show binge, so have a great night all.


Good morning, almost afternoon, I’m trying to start today, with listening to God and start doing things not only I like/love to do, but things he’s been trying to work for my good, things he’s been trying to show me, apparently I’m just not seeing them, but I’m working on that. Starting today.

My favorite hobbies:. Reading and writing

My current desires:. To gain a work from home income, that preferably won’t interfere with family time.

Things I found i’m good at and love to do:. Researching/finding out information, writing, reading, typing.

What I’m trying lately too help cut our expenses:. Limit spending money I don’t have to, ie, grocery shopping every two weeks-sometimes though, that backfires on me..😟.. Borrowing books from the library that help me do what I’m aiming to do, let me give some examples.

Recently, we’ve had some issues with our house and I thought I was limited to cooking with just the stovetop, however, God led me too just what I needed, books that will help me utilize my slow cooker and I’m looking to also utilize my pressure cooker. Our one income feels like it’s limiting us, but as long as I keep pressing on, listening to God, I can utilize what he’s blessing me with.

A list of books that I found at the library, i’d love to own..

*Make it fast, cook it slow-Stephanie o’dea,(love her cookbooks and will be checking out her website also…crockpot365.blogspot.com)

*More make it fast, cook it slow-Stephanie o’dea

*365 slow cooker suppers-Stephanie o’dea

*Eat vegan on $4 a day-Ellen jaffe Jones (I’ve been having gut issues that made me start eating vegan, not all bad, but was looking for assistance doing it)

*Eat well on $4 a day, good and cheap eats-Leanne Brown

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to utilize my slow cooker and pressure cooker for meals to not only get us thru each week to eat, freeze and send with my trucker hubby to save him money on the road. If anybody has ideas, suggestions, advice, I am up for them, please and thank you.

I do remember the last time I went grocery shopping at our Meijers store, they had quit carrying zesta crackers, saltines. That was my preferred brand and I really prefer not to always go to other stores to get stuff.

Another item (s) that they seem to not carry anymore either, Bob’s red Mill gluten free white rice, sweet rice, and potato starch flours. Yes, there is another store that carries them, but I don’t feel I need to stop at ten different stores for all my items.

Ok, enough of my thoughts for now, gonna try and finish my grocery list and menu and get that chore done.